How to find your real family crest

How to find your real family crest

Finding your real family crest can be a daunting task, but with the right resources it can be a fun and rewarding experience.

The main mistake most people make when researching their family crest is not first understanding that every detail on a crest is symbolic. So getting it right is crucial.

This is a key principle of Heraldry.

All of these elements were carefully chosen when the crest was originally granted, usually by a ruling monarch, typically around the 12th-14th century, with the crest worn on armour or a shield in battle.

Dealing with different variations of crests

Since most family names carry hundreds of years of history, it is common for there to be several conflicting versions of a crest out there, due to historical errors by artists or regional variations, making it hard to find your real family crest.

To solve this, you must get as close as possible to the original resources in which the crest was documented. Like those linked further in this post.

There are 4 main ways of finding your real family crest:

1. Research armoury records in the country your family name came from.

2. Enlist the services of a professional genealogist.

3. Interview older family members directly and ask for their input.

4. Join a local heraldry society and ask for their help.

All these options are legitimate ways to find your real coat of arms. However, depending on which one you chose, you'll need to invest significant time or money to get the answers you need.

There is a much easier way to find your real family crest.


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