Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement for crestsandarms

We want everyone who visits the crestsandarms website to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding.

What are we doing?
To help us make the crestsandarms website a positive place for everyone, we've been using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. These guidelines explain how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities, and user friendly for everyone.

The guidelines have three levels of accessibility (A, AA and AAA). We’ve chosen Level AA as the target for the crestsandarms website.

How are we doing?
We're working hard to achieve our goal of Level AA accessibility, but we realize there are some areas that still need improving. The following information explains what we're doing to make that happen.

1.1.1: Non-text Content
Some images remain without updated alt text, but we are diligently working to address this in 2024 and beyond.

1.2.1: Audio-only and Video-only (Prerecorded)
We are developing transcripts and alternative content for all our audio-only and video-only materials.

1.3.4: Orientation
Efforts are underway to ensure our website supports both landscape and portrait orientations.

1.4.1: Use of Color
We are working in 2024 onwards to standardize our text to ensure it is easily readable and all messaging is conveyed via non-color dependent methods.

1.4.10: Reflow
We're implementing responsive design techniques to ensure our website can be easily viewed on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

1.4.11: Non-text Contrast
We're actively working to enhance the contrast between text and background to improve readability.

1.4.12: Text Spacing
Adjustments are being made to improve text spacing for better readability and user comfort.

1.4.3: Contrast (Minimum)
Our team is reviewing and adjusting color contrasts to meet or exceed minimum requirements.

1.4.4: Resize text
We are working to offer text resizing features in the near furture and aim to make them functional across our website for better accessibility.

2.1.4: Character Key Shortcuts
We are in the process of developing and testing customizable keyboard shortcuts to aid navigation for users with motor impairments.

2.4.7: Focus Visible
We are enhancing the visibility of keyboard focus on interactive elements for better navigation.

2.5.1: Pointer Gestures
We're aiming to fully accommodate a large range of common pointing devices within the coming 18 months.

2.5.2: Pointer Cancellation
'Up' events are not currently triggered on some site elements, but we are reviewing these as we actively develop and review site pages.

2.5.4: Motion Actuation
Work is underway to enable motion actuation features for interactive elements where applicable.

3.1.2: Language of Parts
We are improving our website to better handle multiple languages in various sections for a more inclusive experience.

3.2.2: On Input
User components are still a work in progress on some site elements, but we are reviewing these as we actively develop and review site pages.

3.2.3: Consistent Navigation
We are standardizing navigation across our website for a more coherent user experience.

Let us know what you think
If you enjoyed using the crestsandarms website, or if you had trouble with any part of it, please get in touch. We'd like to hear from you in any of the following ways:

This accessibility statement was generated on 16th January 2024.

Our team is committed to continuously updating and improving the accessibility of our site. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us identify areas needing improvement and aids in our ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility for all our visitors.

We understand the importance of accessibility for all our users and are dedicated to achieving and maintaining high standards of web accessibility. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions on how we can improve, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for visiting crestsandarms, and we hope to continue providing you with an accessible and rewarding experience.