Our story

Our story started when our founder, Neil searched for his family crest in 2001 while tracing his own family history. Like most people, he soon found there to be many conflicting records and crest versions available, each claiming to be official.

Frustrated with the lack of clarity, he set out to trace back the earliest known record of his family crest.

It took many hours of research but he soon found the means by which to accurately bring a crest back to life using manuscripts and historical documents.

He was soon asked by friends and colleagues to do the same for them. People who had seen the results and wanted the same connection with their past. 

It quickly became a regular service. More like minded people were found, and today we operate as a small team in the heart of Ireland, working exclusively as a specialist online business. Researching and recreating crests for people in 23 countries worldwide. We’ve even worked on crests for 2 well known Hollywood movie stars.

We’ve come far from that one original project and now we have a professional looking website, but we still do this for the reason we started with - to help people feel the joy of connecting with their ancestors and to create beautiful products that start great conversations. 

Every crest we make is researched by us, designed by hand, prepared and shipped all from our small studio in Dublin, Ireland.

So whether you’re looking to reconnect with your own family crest or coat of arms, or you’re looking for a gift for someone special, we’re here to serve you! Go raibh mile maith agat (a million thank yous!). If you have any questions at all please get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Dean - Head of heraldry research

    Dean - Head of heraldry research

    Lead researcher for heraldry. Loves medieval history, large dogs, winter and mint flavor ice cream - we forgive him for the last one.

  • Mariana - Design and document specialist.

    Mariana - Design and document specialist.

    Likes illustration, reading anything anywhere and trawling through old documents and manuscripts (the stuff normal people find boring).

  • Neil - Digital lead and assistant researcher

    Neil - Digital lead and assistant researcher

    Our original website creator, he now manages the tech and business stuff for Crests&Arms but still helps out on product designs.

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