Bailey Family Crest


Bailey family crest

Colors on the Bailey family crest explained

Argent (silver) - represents the sincere and peaceful characteristics of the Bailey family.

Or (Gold) - symbolizes the historical generosity of this ancient family.

Sable (black) - symbolises constancy and the enduring nature of the Bailey family.

Azure (blue) - represents the Bailey family's loyal and truthful nature.



  Symbols on the Bailey family crest explained

The four stars - symbolize the noble and good qualities of family members, It also represents additional divine characteristics granted from a higher power.

The crosses - symbolizes Christ's rise from the dead to claim victory over sin. A connection to the family's early religious associations.


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Origins of the Bailey family name

    The Bailey family name is thought to have derived from the Old French word "baillis" meaning "steward" or "official".

    It is also possible that the name came from the Old Norse word "bailir" meaning "ruler" or "chieftain".

    The first recorded use of the Bailey surname dates back to the 12th century in England.


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    Summary of the Bailey family and the Bailey family crest

    • The Bailey family name is of English origin.
    • The Bailey family name was first established in the county of Suffolk in the 12th century.
    • The Baileys were one of the first families to settle in the American colonies, arriving in the 1630s.
    • The first recorded Bailey in America was William Bailey, who arrived in Virginia in 1635.
    • Early Baileys in America were often farmers or laborers.
    • Many Baileys fought in the American Revolution, and many served in the Union army during the Civil War.
    • Bailey has been a popular surname in America throughout its history.
    • The family name is particularly common in the United States, where it ranks as the 53rd most common surname.
    • The highest concentration of Baileys in the United States is in the state of Maine.
    • There are several places named Bailey, including: - Bailey, Colorado, United States - Bailey, Texas, United
    • The Bailey family name is also spelled as Bayley, Bailie, Baylie, and Baylis.
    • All Baileys currently living in the United States and around the world can trace their family back to ancient England in the middle ages.