Buchanan family crest

Buchanan family crest

Colors on the Buchanan family crest explained

Argent (silver) - represents the values of peacefulness and sincerity, both of which were of great importance to the Buchanans.

Or (Gold) - signifies the historical generosity of the ancient Buchanan family.

Sable (black) - symbolizes constancy and the enduring nature of the Buchanan family.



  Symbols on the Buchanan family crest explained   

The black lion - represents ferociousness, bravery and the valour of the Buchanans, one of the most desirable family crest symbols.  

The fleur-de-lis boarder pattern - represents purity, light and religious connections including connections of the Virgin Mary. A connection to the Buchanan family's early religious associations.

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Origins of the Buchanan family name

The Buchanan family name is thought to have originated in the Scottish Highlands, specifically the area now known as Buchanan County.

It is believed that the name comes from the Gaelic buth chanain, meaning "house of the canon."


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Summary of the Buchanan family and the Buchanan family crest

  • The Buchanans were a powerful and influential clan in the Highlands for centuries.
  • The family can trace their roots back to the 12th century, when they were granted lands in the Scottish Highlands by King Malcolm IV.
  • The Buchanans were a powerful clan during the medieval period, and their territory extended from the Isle of Bute to the city of Perth.
  • The family's history is closely intertwined with the history of Scotland itself, and they played a significant role in many of the country's most important events.
  • They supported Robert the Bruce in the Wars of Scottish Independence and later played a role in the Jacobite uprisings.
  • The clan was involved in many bloody feuds with other Highland families, and the Buchanans were known for their fierce loyalty to the Scottish Crown.
  • In the 16th century, the Buchanans supported the cause of Mary, Queen of Scots, and were rewarded with titles and lands after her victory at the Battle of Langside.
  • The Buchanans held the lands of Auchmar and Leny in Stirlingshire, and the family seat was at Buchanan Castle.
  • The family remained prominent in Scotland until the late 16th century, when they began to emigrate to other parts of the British Empire, such as Australia and also to North America.
  • The Buchanans emigrated to America in the 1600s and settled in Virginia and Pennsylvania.
  • They fought in the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.
  • The Buchanans were also active in politics, and several family members served in the US Congress and the US Senate.
  • Today, all Buchanans around the world can still trace their roots back to medieval Scotland.