Campbell Family Crest

campbell family crest

Meaning of the colors on the Campbell family crest


Argent (silver) - signifies sincerity and peace.

Sable (black) - symbolises constancy and the enduring nature of this family.

Or (Gold) - symbolizes the historical generosity of this ancient family.


 Meaning of the symbols on the Campbell family crest

The Boar - symolizes a fierce warrior history and a willingness of family members to fight against adversity until death.

The segments of the shield are referred to as Gyronny and represent the close unity of this powerful family 

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Origins of the Campbell family name

The Campbell name is believed to have first originated in the region of the Scottish Highlands.. The first recorded use of the name was in the early 12th century, when a man named Duncan Campbell was recorded as the chief of the Clan Campbell.

The name is derived from the Gaelic word "cam beul," which means "crooked mouth." Over time, the name Campbell has become one of the most common surnames in Scotland and later in North America.


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Summary of the Campbell family and the Campbell family crest

  • The Campbell surname is of Scottish origin and is one of the most popular and respected surnames in the United States.
  • The name is derived from the Gaelic words "cam" and "beul," which mean "crooked mouth."
  • The Campbell clan is one of the largest and most powerful clans in Scotland.
  • The clan's chief currently resides at Inveraray Castle in Argyll, Scotland.
  • The Campbell clan motto is "Ne Obliviscaris," which means "forget not."
  • The clan crest is a boar's head.
  • The clan tartan is the Black/Grey Watch, also known as the Government tartan.
  • The first recorded use of the Campbell surname dates back to the 12th century.
  • The Campbell clan has produced many notable figures throughout history, including two Scottish Prime Ministers and several military generals.
  • The clan's chief is also the Duke of Argyll, one of the most powerful titles in Scotland.
  • The Campbell clan has a long and bloody history, particularly during the clan wars of the 16th and 17th centuries.
  • The Campbells were involved in the infamous Massacre of Glencoe in 1692, in which 38 members of the MacDonald clan were killed.
  • The Campbells also played a role in the Jacobite Rising of 1745, which attempted to restore the Stuart monarchy to the throne of Britain.
  • The clan's fortunes changed in the 18th century, when they allied themselves with the British government and supported the suppression of the Highland clans.
  • The Campbell clan is still one of the most powerful and influential clans in Scotland today as well as one of the most popular surnames in the United States.