Coat of Arms Template - Create your Heritage


From medieval battlefields to the gilded halls of royalty, a coat of arms has long been a symbol of identity, lineage, and history. The heraldic imagery, unique to each family, tells a story that spans centuries. Today, you can join this illustrious tradition by creating your own family coat of arms using a coat of arms template. This fascinating journey into your family history is not just a craft project but an exploration of your roots that adds a personal touch to the rich tapestry of heraldry.

Understanding the Basics of Heraldry

The first step in creating a coat of arms is understanding the language of heraldry. Each symbol, color, and pattern has specific meanings and guidelines. Don't worry, though, as resources like the American Heraldry Society provide excellent references and resources to help you understand this ancient art form.

Finding a Coat of Arms Template


To create your coat of arms, you'll need a suitable coat of arms template. This template will be the canvas on which you paint your family's history. You can find numerous free templates online, or you might prefer to use a professional service that offers customizable templates.

Websites like provide professional services that help you research your family's crest symbols, ensuring historical accuracy and authenticity. These services can provide a tailored coat of arms template based on your family's history, making the process easier and more accurate.

Researching Your Crest Symbols

The heart of your coat of arms is the crest symbols. These symbols represent the traits and achievements of your ancestors. For instance, a lion may represent courage, an oak tree strength and longevity, and a tower safety and grandeur.

Researching these symbols can be a thrilling dive into the past. You might uncover tales of heroism, great deeds, or intriguing mysteries that have been hidden away in dusty records for centuries.

In this quest, heraldry resources like this can be invaluable allies. Staffed by heraldry experts, they'll provide accurate, detailed information about your family's crest symbols, ensuring your coat of arms is as historically accurate as possible.

Crafting Your Coat of Arms

Once you have your coat of arms template and the necessary symbols, the real fun begins – crafting your coat of arms. You can paint the symbols onto the template, embroider them, or even create a digital version.

Remember to refer to heraldic guidelines when placing your symbols. The layout of the symbols, their colors, and their position all carry meanings, contributing to the story your coat of arms tells.

Displaying Your Coat of Arms

Once your coat of arms is complete, it's time to display it with pride. You might choose to frame it and hang it in a place of honor, or you might prefer to incorporate it into your family's stationery, website, or social media.

The coat of arms is more than just an artwork. It's a visual representation of your family's history and identity, a symbol that will endure for generations.

Embrace the Journey

Creating a coat of arms using a coat of arms template isn't just about the end product. It's about the journey, the thrill of discovery, and the sense of connection to your ancestors. As you delve into the history of your crest symbols and bring your coat of arms to life, you'll uncover your own connection to the grand tapestry of history.

The process can be challenging, but with resources like our family crest service at your disposal, you're well-equipped to embrace this adventure. Remember, the power of your coat of arms lies not only in its historical accuracy but also in its personal significance to you.

Creating your own coat of arms using a coat of arms template can spark meaningful conversations about your family’s lineage and heritage. It can also inspire younger family members to take an interest in their history, turning abstract family stories into something tangible and present.

A Gift for Generations

Imagine presenting your family coat of arms as a gift at a family reunion, birthday, or other significant event. It's not just a gift for today, but a legacy that can be passed down through generations, becoming a cherished family heirloom.

Or consider the delight of a newly married couple starting their journey together, uniting their family's symbols on a joint coat of arms. It's a testament to the merging of two histories, a story written in symbols and colors that can be passed on to their descendants.

Uncover the Story of Your Family's Past

So, are you ready to delve into the fascinating world of heraldry, to learn the secret language of symbols, and to discover the intriguing tales of your ancestors? Remember, every coat of arms tells a story. Your family's story is waiting to be discovered and told. It's a tale that spans centuries, filled with courage, resilience, love, and triumph.

Unveil your family's unique story, and let it live on in the symbols and colors of your coat of arms. All it takes is a little research, creativity, and a coat of arms template. Embark on this historical adventure today, and let the echoes of the past shape your understanding of who you are and where you come from.

So, go ahead, find that perfect coat of arms template and start your journey into the past. Create a vibrant testament to your ancestors that will captivate your family and leave a lasting legacy for the generations yet to come. This is the exciting world of heraldry, a world steeped in history, symbolism, and family heritage. Dive in and let the journey begin!

Remember, in this journey, the destination is truly magical. But, equally enthralling is the adventure that leads you there - the investigation of your family history, the thrill of uncovering ancestral stories, and the creativity of bringing your coat of arms to life. So, take the leap, grab your coat of arms template, and make history!