Coleman family crest


Coleman family crest

Colors on the Coleman family crest explained

Argent (silver) - signifies peacefulness and sincerity, two attributes the Coleman family were well known for..

Sable (black) - symbolises constancy and the enduring nature of this family.


  Symbols on the Coleman family crest explained 

The cross 'potonce' - symbolizes Christ's rise from the dead to claim victory over sin. A connection to the Coleman family's early religious associations.

The four stars - symbolize the noble and good qualities of Coleman family members, It also represents additional divine characteristics granted from a higher power.


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Origins of the Coleman family name

The Coleman family name is thought to have originated in Ireland and England with multiple origins.

In the middle ages, the name was at least partially derived from the old meaning "son of Coleman", relating to the European St. Columban of the time. Someone with Saintly characteristics.

Earlier In Ireland, there is also a connection to 'Clumhain', who was a 9th-century Irish chieftain

In England, the name is also derived from the Old English word 'cola', meaning someone who works with cole.


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Summary of the Coleman family and the Coleman family crest

  • The Coleman name has been found in England since the 12th century and Ireland in part since the 5th century.
  • The Coleman family in Ireland were likely descendants of the ancient Irish clan O'Coleman.
  • The clan trace their origins back to the 5th century, and were one of the most powerful families in Ireland during the Middle Ages.
  • The first officially documented use of the name was in the 12th century, when a man by the name of Coleman was mentioned in the "Annals of Ulster". 
  • The first recorded use of the name in England was in the year 1273.
  • It is believed that the Coleman family were originally from County Cork in Ireland, and that they later moved to Mayo.
  • In England, a family by the name of Coleman was living in the county of Norfolk in the 12th century. 
  • There are indications of an earlier family member in England. With one recorded use of the name in the Domesday Book of 1086, which listed one man, Uluiet 'Colemans', as living in London.
  • The first recorded use of the Coleman surname in America was in 1634, when William Coleman arrived in Virginia.
    • Since then, Coleman families have been found in every state in the Union. The Coleman name is most commonly associated with the state of Texas, where the family has been present since the early 1800s.