Edwards family crest


Edwards family crest

Colors on the Edwards family crest explained

Argent (silver) - symbolizes peacefulness and sincerity, two things that were incredibly important to the Edwards family.

Vert (green) - represents family members loyalty in love and hope for the future.

Or (Gold) - symbolizes the historical generosity of this ancient family.


  Symbols on the Edwards family crest explained 

The stag - symbolizes how the Edwards family are people of a peaceful and harmonious nature. Those who will not fight unless provoked.

The three falcons- represents how the Edwards are people who do not rest until the job at hand is finished.


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Origins of the Edwards family name

The Edwards name is thought to be of both Welsh and English origin. 

It is believed that the modern spelling of the given name, 'Edward' comes from the Old English name "Eadweard" which means "prosperity guard".


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Summary of the Edwards family and the Edwards family crest

  • The Edwards family name is believed to have originated in England and Wales.
  • The first widely recorded use of the name in common terms was in the 12th century, when a man named Edward was listed in the "Curia Regis" rolls of Norfolk.
  • However, the first record of the name in England dates back to the 11th century, when it was borne by Edward the Confessor, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England.
  • In Wales, the Edwards family name is associated with the county of Denbighshire. In Scotland, the name is associated with the town of Edinburgh.
  • Edward is a Norman French form of the Anglo-Saxon name Eadweard, which means "rich or prosperous guard", relating to the early professions and responsibilities of the family within noble circles.
  • In ancient England, the Edwards family name was also commonly found in Berkshire, where they held a family noble seat from very early times.
  • The Edwards family name was relatively common in England during the Middle Ages, and bearers of the name held a variety of positions in society.
  • However, it was not until the early modern period that the Edwards family name began to become associated with wider prominence and achievement in England.
  • Some more widely notable members of the Edwards family was Sir Thomas Edwards (1519-1583), a lawyer and politician who served as Speaker of the House of Commons and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I. Sir Thomas's grandson, Sir Edward Edwards (1599-1667), was a prominent royalist during the English Civil War and was created a baronet by King Charles II.
  • The first Edwards family in America is believed to have come from Wales in the late 1600s.
  • The Edwards settled in Virginia and had a large family.
  • Their descendants spread out across the United States, and today as a result the Edwards name can be found in many different places across America and internationally.