Ellis family crest


Ellis family crest

Colors on the Ellis family crest explained

Argent (silver) - represents peacefulness and sincerity. Two characteristics the Ellis family was known for.

Or (Gold) - symbolizes the historical generosity of this ancient family.

Sable (black) - symbolises constancy and the enduring nature of the Ellis family.


  Symbols on the Ellis family crest explained   

The five crescents - represent Ellis family members steady control and power over everyday actions.

The cross on the shield -  represents the crucifixion of Christ and stands as a connection to the early Ellis family members strong religious beliefs.


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Origins of the Ellis family name

The earliest known origin of the family name Ellis is from the given name Elias.

Elias was a common name in medieval England and the surname Ellis is derived from it.

Elias is a Hebrew name meaning "Yahweh is my God" or "God is my salvation".

The name was popular among Christians in the Middle Ages because it was the name of a key figure in the Old Testament.

Ellis is also a Welsh name meaning "benevolent" or "kind".


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Summary of the Ellis family and the Ellis family crest

  • Ellis is a patronymic name, meaning "son of Elias/Elijah."
  • The name Ellis has been found in records as early as the 12th century.
  • The family has its roots in medieval England and Wales.
    • The Ellis family name is thought to have derived from the given name Elias, which in turn came from the Hebrew name Elijah.
    • The first recorded use of the Ellis surname in England is thought to be in 1273, when one Richard Elias was listed in the Hundred Rolls of Berkshire.
    • The family was originally from the county of Berkshire in England.
    • The Ellis family was granted a baronetcy in 1660 by King Charles II.
    • The family has also been associated with the British Royal Family, as Lady Diana Spencer, the late Princess of Wales, was a direct descendant of the family.
      • Ellis family members in America can trace their roots back to the 1600s, when the first Ellis immigrants arrived from England.
      • The first recorded use of the Ellis surname in America was in 1634, when William Ellis arrived in Virginia.
      • The Ellis family quickly spread across the United States both on both the East coast and West due to their hard work ethic and positive reputation.
      • Today the name remains popular in all parts of the US.