Family Crest Finders - How to Get the Right Crest



Things to know before using a family crest finder

  1. One name can have many family crests, so you’ll need to do some research to get the right one.
  2. Learn what country your ancestors came from. This will help filter out incorrect crests.
  3. Use a trusted source as a family crest finder, look for those that are members of official organisations.


 Not sure where to start or missing some info? 

We can help! Start by using the family crest finder on our home page to see if your name is in our records. 


Family crest finder


Filter out wrong crests using a family crest finder

Many crests online don’t have any historical basis - i.e they’re fake.

To filter these out, check to see what source material the website used in presenting that crest.

For example, all crests provided by the Crests&Arms team are based on sources like those listed at the bottom of our work page.

If a website doesn’t provide reference sources, then they may not be historically accurate.


 Finding what country your ancestors came from

This is important because some crests have specific country variations. Ask older family members for their insight here or use a tool like Behind The Name for help.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to filter crest finder results that come with information on which region the crest applies to.


 Still sounding too complicated?

No problem, our family crest finders can quickly clarify which crest is right for you. 

Get started now - view our family crest research products.