Unique Family Tree Gifts Ideas



 Looking for family tree gifts ideas?  

Family tree gifts are a great way to help someone connect with their ancestors while showing how much you care. 

The key to this type of gift is to give them something that compliments what they already know.  

If someone you know is interested in their family tree (or you think they have the potential to be) then they probably already know a lot about their immediate relatives or have started doing some research. 

Our list of unique family tree gifts ideas


 1. A fully researched family crest to go on their family tree

(Image credit - crestsandarms.com)

Most people who enjoy family history have already figured out who their relatives are, where the family is from and even made some new distant connections. 

Family crests on the other hand, require a totally different skillset to research. In fact, most people don’t even know that they have a family crest or coat of arms.

That’s because family crests were documented in armoury records up to 800 years ago, and most of those records aren’t readily available to the public. 

The great thing about a crest, is that it adds another piece to the puzzle of someone’s family history - telling the origin story of their name itself and what it means. Imagine giving them a family tree gift of something that was created for their earliest ancestors back in Medieval times! 

Their crest can be purchased as a digital file which they can then insert into all online or print versions of their tree now and in the future.

If someone you know is intrigued by their family tree, then a family coat of arms is sure to impress!

You can start getting their family crest here.


2. A Family Tree Chart to show off their research

family tree gifts ideas chart
(Image credit - HallelujahTree etsy)

This is a great family tree gift for someone who is interested in their family history and may have already found several generations to document. 

Quite often it can be hard to share the research with family members that has already been completed.

You can find charts that include everything from a person's ancestors to their descendants and spaces for pictures. 

The key is to find out how much they know about their family and get a chart of the right size to fit it all in. 

Some good options include etsy personalized charts or even a free version like this.


3. A family history book to document their extra research

(image credit - mixbook.com)

Working on a family tree always involves lots and lots of documents. The end goal is to build a concise and clean tree with a few snippets of information on each family member that can be displayed. 

But what about all those extra interesting facts that they learned along the way? Quite often family tree lovers find more information than they could ever fit in one display but have nowhere to keep all that information. 

That's where the family history book comes in. A keepsafe for the more detailed facts that they discover along the way and something that can be passed down to younger family members. 

Also known as family heritage books. These can be a very emotional gift, either as a book that you begin building for them or as a high quality hardback journal that they can build in. Learn about heritage books.


4. A family tree software subscription

family tree gifts ideas
(image credit Ancestry.com)

Maybe they’re just getting started in their family tree journey. If so,  they’ll need a resource long term where they can find the best information available. 

If you’re unsure of what to get them, you can’t ever go wrong with a membership to the more reputable resources online. Ancestry.com and MyHeritage are the go-to providers in this space and both offer family tree gifts options.


5. A DNA or ancestry test kit

family tree gifts ideas DNA kit
(image credit - 23andme.com)

Much like the family crest idea, this one will let them explore their ancestors from much further back in time. Back to the dawn of homosapians in fact.

A DNA kit can help someone special figure out what their ethic background is, what their allergies are and even tell them what kind of genetic illnesses they might encounter in later life. 

Many consider 23andMe to be the leaders in this space and offer a range of kits that you can provide as a gift that anyone can complete at home.


6. A personalized photo album

 (Photo credit - picturesandstories.com)

Just like the scrapbook, a photo album can help them capture the extra stories of the ancestors they stumble upon during their research. 

While they might already have some albums, a personalized one with a nice message or front cover may be something they can hold onto for years as they build more of their family tree.

It's also among the more cost effective and easy family tree gifts ideas you can come across while still offering that personal touch.


The most important thing when thinking of a family tree gifts idea is to make sure that the gift is something that the person will actually use and enjoy. 

There are a lot of great family history gifts out there, but if the person you are giving it to does not have an interest in family history, then it is probably not going to be a very memorable or useful gift.

Also, be sure to consider the person's interests when choosing a family history gift - if they love documenting and showing off their work, then a scrapbook or family crest may be a more appropriate gift than one on building a DNA profile. 

Whatever you choose, just be sure that it is something that will suit the interests and needs of the recipient.