Foster Family Crest


Foster family crest

Colors on the Foster family crest explained

Argent (silver) - represents peacefulness and sincerity. These two traits were well known in early Foster family members.

Vert (green) - symbolizes Foster family members loyalty in love and hope for the future.


  Symbols on the Foster family crest explained 

The three hunting horns - represents how the Foster family members were people who enjoy high pursuits in life.

The Chevron shape - symbolizes the historical Foster family home, the importance of home for family members through the years and the safety this provides.


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Origins of the Foster family name

The earliest known origin of the name Foster is from the Old English word for a "forest" or "woodland".

This was likely a reference to someone who lived near or worked as a guardian of a forest.

Over time, the name began to be used as a given name and eventually became a surname.

The name is most common in English speaking countries, but is also found in other countries such as Germany, France, and Italy.


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Summary of the Foster family and the Foster family crest

  • The name Foster is derived from the Old English and French words for "forest" or "wilderness". 
  • The first officially recorded use of the name Foster was in England in the 12th century.
  • However, the name Foster is associated with the Norman invasion of England in 1066.
  • It is after this invasion, the first associated recorded use of the name in England was found in the Domesday Book in 1086, where it is spelled 'Forester'.
  • The Foster family has its roots in the county of Yorkshire, England.
  • In Scotland, the name is found in the border region, and is thought to be derived from the same Old French word as in England. In Ireland, the name is found in County Mayo and County Tipperary, and is thought to be derived from the Gaelic word for "bog" or "marsh".
  • The earliest associations in America was with puritans and Quakers after arriving in the new world 1600s.
  • The Foster family has been associated with the city of Boston, Massachusetts since the early days of the colony.
  • The Foster family has a long history of military service in the United States since its founding years.