Gonzalez Family Crest

gonzalez family crest

Meaning of the colors on the Gonzalez family crest

Gules (red) - Represents martyrdom and historic military strength when called upon

Or (Gold) -  symbolizes the generosity of members of this ancient family.

Argent (silver) - symbolizes the famous sincerity of Gonzalez family members throughout history.



 Meaning of the symbols on the Gonzalez family crest


The Castle - represents safety, home and typically the capture of a stronghold by ancient family members or symbolic of family members who were granted control over a castle in the favour of a king.

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Origins of the Gonzalez family name


The Gonzales family name is derived from Spanish nobility. The first Gonzales family in Spain was of noble lineage, and their coat of arms can be traced back to the 12th century. The family name was first found in the province of Burgos, in the north of Spain.

The Gonzales family name has been associated with Spain for centuries, and has been carried to other parts of the world by Spanish settlers and immigrants. Today, the Gonzales family name can be found in many countries, including the United States, Mexico, and Chile.


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Summary of the Gonzalez family and the Gonzalez family crest

    • Gonzalez is a Spanish surname. It was first used by the Visigoths, who were of Germanic origin.
    • The Visigoths used the name to refer to someone who was a battle-hardened warrior
    • The first Gonzalez on record is Rodrigo Gonzalez, who was born in Spain in 1040.
    • Rodrigo Gonzalez was a member of the Spanish nobility and his family were landowners in the province of Burgos.
    • The Gonzalez family have been in Burgos since the 11th century and their coat of arms is registered with the Spanish college of arms.
    • The Gonzalez family were one of the first families to settle in the Americas, with Rodrigo Gonzalez de Peralta arriving in Puerto Rico in 1508.
    • The Gonzalez family have been prominent in Puerto Rican politics since the 19th century, with several members serving in the Puerto Rican legislature and as mayors of San Juan.
    • The Gonzalez family were also one of the first families to settle in California, with Jose Gonzalez arriving in San Francisco in 1849.
    • The Gonzalez family have been involved in the Californian wine industry since the 1800s, with several family members owning vineyards and wineries.
    • The Gonzalez family are of Basque origin and the name is derived from the Spanish word "gonzalo", meaning "wolf".
    • The Gonzales family were historically prominent in local Spanish affairs, and held various positions of power and influence over the years. In the 15th century, one member of the family was appointed mayor of the city of Burgos. In the 16th century, another Gonzales was made Duke of Albuquerque.
    • The name Gonzalez is also found in Portugal, where it is thought to be of Sephardic Jewish origin