Gordon Family Crest


Gordon family crest

Colors on the Gordon family crest explained

Argent (silver) -signifies peacefulness and a sincere nature, values the Gordon family is known for.

Or (Gold) - symbolizes the historical generosity of the Gordon family.

Azure (blue) - represents the family's loyalty and truthful nature


  Symbols on the Gordon family crest explained

The three boar heads - symolizes a fierce warrior history and a willingness of family members to fight against adversity until death.

These symbols represent the Gordon family's fearsome reputation in ancient times during periods of war.


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Origins of the Gordon family name

    The Gordon family name is believed to be of Scottish origin, and is derived from the placename Gordon in Berwickshire.

    The name Gordon is derived from multiple places.  The Old French word "gorge", meaning "throat" or "pass", and probably originally referred to the narrow pass between the Scots and English border. It is also derived from the old French word meaning 'spacious', referring to a large fort. 

    The first recorded use of the name Gordon is in the 12th century, when a William de Gordon appears in a charter of the Abbey of Kelso.


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    Summary of the Gordon family and the Gordon family crest

    • The Gordon family were prominent in Scottish politics and society from the 13th century onwards, and held high positions in the Scottish and English courts.
    • In the 14th century, the family supported Robert the Bruce in his fight for Scottish independence, and later fought against the English in the Wars of Scottish Independence.
    • The Gordons were also involved in the 1715 and 1745 Jacobite uprisings.
    • The Gordon family name is associated with many notable people, including the Earls of Huntly, Aberdeen, and Sutherland; the Marquesses of Aberdeen and Queensberry; and the Duke of Gordon.
    • The Gordon clan is associated with the city of Aberdeen in Scotland.
    • The name is derived from the Old French word "gordon," meaning "spacious."
    • The Gordons were supporters of the Royal House of Stuart.
    • The Gordon family crest features a boar's head.
    • The Gordon tartan is one of the most popular Scottish clan tartans.
    • The Gordon Highlanders was a Scottish regiment that was raised in the 18th century.
    • The current Duke of Gordon is Charles Gordon-Lennox.
    • The Gordons were one of the first families to settle in the American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries.
    • Gordon remains a popular given name in the United States to this day.