Kerr family crest


Kerr family crest

Colors on the Kerr family crest explained

Argent (silver) - is a symbol of peace and sincerity and represents these attributes in the Kerr family.

Gules (red) - symbolizes martyrdom and the historic military strength of the Kerr family when called upon in ancient times of war.


  Symbols on the Kerr family crest explained  

The Chevron shape - symbolizes the Kerr historical family home, the importance of home for family members through the years and the safety this provides.

The three stars - represent the noble and good qualities of Kerr family members, It also represents additional divine characteristics granted from a higher power.

The sun - symbolizes splendor and everlasting glory with a connection to the fountain of life.


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Origins of the Kerr family name

The Kerr family name is thought to have originated in Scotland, with the first known Kerr family appearing in records in the 14th century.
The Kerr name is thought to be a corruption of the Gaelic word for "left-handed", which was used to describe someone who was skilled with a sword in their left hand.

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Summary of the Kerr family and the Kerr family crest

  • The Kerr family name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic "cearr" meaning "left-handed" or "odd"
  • The Kerr family has been found in Scotland since the early 13th century
  • The first recorded Kerr was John Kerr who was a witness in a charter of Kelso Abbey in 1214.
  • The family were supporters of Robert the Bruce and fought at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. 
  • The family were granted lands in Annandale, Dumfriesshire in 1324.
  • The Kerr family supported the Stuart cause during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms and were active in the Covenanter movement.
  • The Kerr family were lairds of the lands of Ancram in Roxburghshire, and were also prominent in the border conflicts between England and Scotland.
    • The first Kerr family in America is believed to have settled in Virginia in the early 1600s.
    • The early family members to settle in the United States spelled the name as Ker, Carr, and Carre, all of which were easier to transcribe on arrival in the New World.
    • The Kerr name quickly spread and was found in early records in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, based on the strong work ethic and reputation of the Kerrs.