Lewis Family Crest


Lewis family crest

Colors on the Lewis family crest explained

Argent (silver) - signifies the sincere and peaceful nature of Lewis family members.

Sable (black) - symbolizes constancy and the enduring nature of this family.

Gules (red) - symbolizes martyrdom and historic military strength when called upon.



  Symbols on the Lewis family crest explained

The white lion - represents ferociousness, bravery and valour, one of the most desirable family crest symbols.

This is a symbol of the early Lewis family members fearsome reputation in battle.


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Origins of the Lewis family name

The Lewis name is thought to be of Welsh origin, it stems from the word llwn which means leader.
The earliest known use of the name was in the 12th century, when it was used as a given name by a Welshman named Lewys ap Iorwerth.
It is also thought that the name may be related to the Old English word lew, which means "lion."

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Summary of the Lewis family and the Lewis family crest

  • The Lewis family name is derived from the personal name Lewis.
  • The Lewis family name is thought to be of Welsh origin.
  • The Lewis family name was first found in Carmarthenshire, where they were Lords of the manor of Llangunllo.
  • The Lewis family name is also associated with the surnames Lloyd and Lewes.
  • The Lewis family name is found in many differentspellings including Lewes, Lewis, Lois, Lowis, and Lowes.
  • The Lewis family name was first commonly found in England, but the name is also still found in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
  • The Lewis family name is also associated with a number of places including Lewes in Sussex, England, and Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
  • The Lewis family name is also the name of a river in Wales, the River Llynfi and a mountain in Wales, Carnedd Llewelyn.
  • The Lewis surname in America can be traced back to the early 1600s. 
  • When arriving in America, the first Lewis family settled in Massachusetts. Since then, the Lewis surname has been found in many different parts of the United States