Mason family crest

Mason family crest

Colors on the Mason family crest explained

Argent (silver) -  represents the importance of peacefulness and sincerity for the Mason family.

Azure (blue) - represents the Mason family's loyalty and truthful nature.

Gules (red) - symbolizes martyrdom and the historic military strength of the Mason family in times of war.


  Symbols on the Mason family crest explained  

Fleur-de-lis - represents purity, light and religious connections including connections of the Virgin Mary. A connection to the Mason family's early religious associations.

The two stars - symbolize the noble and good qualities of Mason family members, It also represents additional divine characteristics granted from a higher power.

The diagonal bend in the shield typically represents an ancient Mason family member who distinguished themselves in military service, likely as a successful commander of forces.


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Origins of the Mason family name

The earliest known origin of the family name Mason is from England and the occupation of stonemasonry.
The word "mason" comes from the Old French word for stone, "macon" and may also similarly be a corruption of the Old English name 'Massing', meaning one who works with stone.
Masons were an important part of medieval society, responsible for the construction of churches, castles, and other stone structures.

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Summary of the Mason family and the Mason family crest

  • The Mason family name has been in use in England for many centuries.
  • The first recorded use of the Mason surname in England was in the Domesday Book in 1086.
  • The family was originally from the county of Yorkshire.
  • The Mason family were involved in the building of many of England's great cathedrals and castles, including Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle.
  • The Masons held much sway in society due to their connections.
  • The Mason's Guild was one of the most powerful and influential trade guilds in medieval England.
  • The first Mason to come to America was John Mason, who arrived in Massachusetts in 1629.
  • He was followed by his brother, George Mason, who settled in Virginia in 1649. George Mason's grandson, George Mason IV, was a Founding Father of the United States and a framer of the United States Constitution.
  • The Mason family also has a long history of military service, with members serving in both the British and American armed forces.