Medina family crest

Medina family crest

Colors on the Medina family crest explained

Argent (silver) - is an ancient symbol of peacefulness and sincerity, both of which the Medina family valued highly.

Gules (red) - symbolizes martyrdom and the historic military strength of the Medina family when called upon.

Or (Gold) - represents the historical generosity of this ancient family.


  Symbols on the Medina family crest explained   


The lion - represents ferociousness, bravery and valour, one of the most desirable family crest symbols.

This is a symbol of the fearsome reputation of the early Medina family in times of battle and hardship.


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Origins of the Medina family name

The earliest known origin of the family name Medina is believed to be from the Latin word medius, meaning "middle" or "in the middle."

The name is thought to have been first used by the Roman family of the same name, who were of Spanish descent.

The name Medina is also found in the Arabic world, where it is thought to have originated from the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. It is also a common surname in Portugal and Galicia.


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Summary of the Medina family and the Medina family crest

  • The Medina family name was first used in medieval Spain.
  • The Medina family played an important role in the Moorish conquest of Spain in the 8th century.
  • The Medina family was later banished from Spain following the Christian reconquest.
  • The name Medina became more widespread in Spain during the 14th and 15th centuries as families from other regions began adopting it.
  • By the 16th century, the Medina surname was common in Spain and Portugal.
  • The family name is also still associated with the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia, which is the second holiest city in Islam.
  • The Medina family has produced numerous notable individuals throughout history, including politicians, scholars, and artists.
  • The family crest features a red lion rampant on a gold field, symbolizing strength and courage.
  • One of the earliest known individual ancestors of the Medina family was a man named Gonzalo who was born in the early 1300s.
  • Gonzalo's son, Pedro, was the first to use the Medina surname. Pedro's grandson, Juan, was the first Medina to emigrate to the Americas, arriving in Puerto Rico in the early 1600s.
  • By the 16th and 17th centuries, many Spanish and Portuguese families immigrated to America in search of religious and political freedom. During this time, the Medina family name began to spread throughout the American colonies, particularly those in the south.
  • The Medina family name is still used today by people of Spanish, Moorish, and Arab descent.