Perez Family Crest


Perez family crest

Meaning of the colors on the Perez family crest

Argent (silver) - represents the sincere nature and history of peacefulness shown by the Perez family members.

Or (Gold) symbolizes the historical generosity of this ancient family.

Gules (red) - known historically as 'the martyr's color', this symbolizes the historic military strength of the Perez family when needed in the middle ages.




 Meaning of the symbols on the Perez family crest 

Four Fleur-de-lis - represents purity, light and religious connections including connections of the Virgin Mary.

The cross fleury - symbolizes faith, wisdom and chivalry.


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Origins of the Perez family name

Perez is a family name of Spanish origin. It is originally derived from a persons first name of Pedro, which itself is in turn derived from the latin petrus meaning "rock" or "stone".

The name was often used to denote someone who was from the town of Petra in Spain.

The first recorded use of the name Perez was in the year 1040.

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Summary of the Perez family and the Perez family crest

  • Perez is a patronymic surname, meaning the son of Pedro.
  • It is one of the most common Spanish surnames in existence since the middle ages.
  • The first recorded instance of the surname Perez is from the 10th century Galicia.
  • Perez is also a common Sephardic Jewish surname.
  • One of the 14 families exiled from Spain, many of the Perez family left during the Inquisition in 1492.
  • Many family members settled in Amsterdam in Holland where they became successful merchants and bankers.
  • The Perez family played a role in the Dutch East India Company.
  • The first Perez in America was Francisco Perez, who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1513.
  • In 1654, many members of the Perez family settled in New Amsterdam, which is now New York City.
  • Perez has been a prominent surname in Latin America and today is a popular surname in the United States.
  • Perez is the ninth most common surname in the United States.