Reed Family Crest


Reed family crest

Meaning of the colors on the Reed family crest

Argent (silver) - represents the Reed family's peaceful and sincere nature since middle ages.

Gules (red) - symbolizes martyrdom and historic military strength of the Reed family when called upon.



 Meaning of the symbols on the Reed family crest 

The three Fleur-de-lis - represents purity, light and religious connections including connections of the Virgin Mary.

The three roundels (circular shapes), are believed to be a symbol from the times of the crusade and represents justice.

The chevron shape - symbolizes the historical family home, the importance of home for Reed family members through the years and the safety this provides.


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Origins of the Reed family name

The Reed family name has several potential origins. 
Some believe it is derived from Old English and means "a reedy place".
It is believed to be a topographic name for someone who lived near a reedy area or marsh.
The name could also be derived from the Old English word hrod, which means "famous".
It may also be derived from the old English word for 'ruddy or red haired'.

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Summary of the Reed family and the Reed family crest

  • The first recorded use of the name Reed was in the Domesday Book of 1086, which was a survey of England and Wales ordered by William the Conqueror.
  • The name Reed is also found in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, which is a collection of annals chronicling the history of England from the 9th century to the 12th century.
  • The name Reed has been found in England since the Norman Conquest. It is most common in the eastern and southeastern counties of England.
  • The first recorded bearers of the name include William de la Rie (1196), and William atte Reede (1273)
  • Reed is also a common Scottish surname.
  • The Reed surname is first found in Devon, England, where the family held a seat from very early times.
  • The Reeds were one of the first families to settle in the American colonies, with the name appearing in Massachusetts records as early as 1630.
  • The Reed family played a significant role in the American Revolution, with several members serving in the Continental Army.
  • After the war, the Reed family moved west, settling in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.