Ryan Family Crest


Ryan family crest

Meaning of the colors on the Ryan family crest

Argent (silver) - symbolizes the sincere nature and reputation for peacefulness of Ryan family members.

Gules (red) - is considered 'the martyr's color', which symbolizes the historic military strength of the Ryan family when called on in times of war.



 Meaning of the symbols on the Ryan family crest 


The Griffin - The Ryan family crest is renowned for its beauty in its simplicity. Featuring the griffin on both the shield and the crest, this ancient symbol represents bravery and the death-defying nature of Ryan family members through the ages.

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Origins of the Ryan family name

The Ryan family name is believed to be of Irish origin.

"Ríoghán" is the old Gaelic name from which the current name comes, which meant "little king". The Ryans were a prominent family in Ireland during the middle ages, with the name still found in many Irish records from that period of time.

Many have noted that the family were for at least a period, one of the Tribes of Galway, a group of fourteen families who dominated the city of Galway in the west of Ireland during the 16th and 17th centuries.


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Summary of the Ryan family and the Ryan family crest

  • The name Ryan is derived from the Old Irish name Rian.
  • The name originally meant "king" or "little king".
  • The first recorded use of the name Ryan was in the 9th century.
  • The Ryans were originally one of the Septs (clan) of County Clare in Ireland.
  • The family were part of the ancient Gaelic nobility of Ireland.
  • The Ryans were one of the four main families of the Kingdom of Munster.
  • The family seat was at Kilmallock in County Limerick.
  • The family was a powerful and influential one in Munster for centuries.
  • The Ryans supported the English Crown during the Tudor conquest of Ireland.
  • After the Irish Rebellion of 1641, the family lost much of its power and influence on the Emerald Isle.
  • The Ryan family continues to be a prominent family in Ireland today as one of the most common surnames in Country Cork Ireland.
  • The Ryan family came to America in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
  • The first Ryans in America settled in Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.
  • By the mid-nineteenth century, the Ryans had spread to all parts of the United States.