Salazar family crest

Salazar family crest

Colors on the Salazar family crest explained

Argent (silver) -  symbolizes the values of peacefulness and sincerity.

Vert (green) - represents Salazar family members loyalty in love and hope for the future.


  Symbols on the Salazar family crest explained  

The Castle - represents safety, the Salazar family home and potentially the capture of a stronghold by ancient family members


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Origins of the Salazar family name

The Salazar family name is believed to have originated in Spain, with the first recorded use of the name being in the 12th century.

The name is thought to be derived from the translation of 'old house palace', representing the place where the early Salazar family lived.


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Summary of the Salazar family and the Salazar family crest

  • The Salazar family name dates back to medieval Spain.
  • The family were initially nobility in Spain, and later spread to other countries such as Portugal, Italy, and France.
  • The Salazar family was originally from the region of northwestern Spain.
  • The first recorded use of the name was when a person named Sancho de Salazar was mentioned in a document from the Kingdom of Leon.
  • The name is also found in documents from the 14th and 15th centuries in the regions of Castile, Extremadura, and Andalusia.
  • The town of Salazar de Yuso in Spain is believed to be in part associated with the family.
  • They were a prominent family in the area and held positions of power and influence.
  • During the Spanish Inquisition, the Salazar family was persecuted for their beliefs and many members were forced to flee Spain.
  • The Salazar family has been in America since the early 1600s, when they settled in New Mexico and later California.
  • The family has a long history of military service, and they have been involved in many of the major wars in American history.