White Family Crest


White family crest

Meaning of the colors on the White family crest

Argent (silver) - symbolizes the reputation White family members have for sincerity and peacefulness.

Gules (red) - signifies martyrdom and the family's historic military strength when called upon in times of war.



 Meaning of the symbols on the White family crest 


The rose - is a symbol of joy and hope for the future of this iconic family.

The chevron shape - symbolizes the historical family home, the importance of home for family members through the years and the safety this provides.


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Origins of the White family name

The origin of the family name White, is from the Old English word 'hwit', which originally was used as a reference to the color "white" or a fair complexion.

This name was used simply to describe a person who had pale skin or fair hair in the middle ages of Europe.
The first recorded use of this name was likely in the late years of the 1000s, which in a land survey of modern day England and Wales.

The name was also used commonly during the 12th century by the Anglo Norman tribes of Britain.

In the USA, the first known use of the name was during the early 1600s , when a man named 'John White' was documented in the modern state now known as Virginia.

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Summary of the White family and the White family crest

  • The White surname is of early English origin in the medieval and middle ages.
  • The first believed use of the name was in the late years of the 1000s.
  • The White family coat of arms is one of the oldest and most distinguished in England.
  • The name comes directly from the Old English word 'hwit', meaning "white" or those of fair physical complexion.
  • Branches and members of the White family were among the earliest settlers in America, arriving in the Massachusetts Colony in the early 1600s.
  • The family has counted several notable individuals with the name, including presidents, senators, and Supreme Court justices.
  • The dominant White family home in the modern state of Virginia was known as the "White House" long before the well known home of the modern president.
  • This much respected family has been involved in American politics since the 1700s.
  • The family is related to several other notable families, including the Adams family, the family of the Lees, and the Washingtons.